There is a very popular belief amongst people suffering from depression that the treatment of this condition only requires the right combination of medications.

The reality is that, although Pharmatherapy is extremely important and more often than not necessary, it is rarely enough to treat it fully and successfully. Tablets only allow us to restore a sense of balance for a little while, then depression returns triggered by the emotions and problems which caused the depression in the first place.

Only a few cases of depression are not linked to the way we view and perceive the world around us and our social interactions. Most cases of depression are a direct result of problems created by negative or incorrect patterns of thinking. If we do not conquer their original reasons and triggers, the depression will return.

For the purpose of the exploration of those reasons and learning how to cope with problems in a way that they will not disrupt our mood and mental balance. Psychotherapy is the recommended and necessary treatment.

The difficult question is which therapy should be used, which would be the most effective and appropriate for us. It doesn’t help, that there is little to no guidance from our GP, we are turning to our families, friends and sometimes publications for the clues. This method is very ineffective and often we don’t find the right therapy/therapist that suits our problem. This could be dangerous as we might get put off and indeed stop seeking help altogether.

Our emergency telephone/skype consultation will allow us to answer this question and direct you to the right place.

The Christmas period is very difficult for someone who suffers from depression. Emergency consultations can be booked 24 hours a day online on our bookings page.

Please do not hesitate and book the appointment ….. we can help!!

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